Dancohr Corporation 

Dancohr Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality skin care, pedicure and cosmetic products tailored to the needs of professional pedicures, podiatrists, beauticians and make-up artists.


Dancohr provides a complete assortment for salon furnishing and special treatment devices and markets also cosmetic brands for different target groups. Moreover, it leads Dancohr Business Academy with a qualified team of training staff to educate their customers.


The brands Bentlon, Lanèche, Henriëtte Faroche, Courtin and Pui Pui are sold directly to aestatic practitioners and pedicures from the showroom in Weert (the Netherlands) and are being exported to over 60 countries worldwide.


Dancohr is a one-stop-shop for beauticians and pedicures!

Business hours 

Visiting address:

Marconilaan 8, 6003 DD Weert, The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 495 434 600


Business hours:

Monday untill Friday: 8:30 - 17:00